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Everyone wants to be their own boss. What could be better than having more freedom in the workplace? This position might seem like a fantasy but more and more Canadians are making it a reality through franchise ownership. Investing in an established partnership allows for increased freedom, competitive salaries, access to resources and the sense of satisfaction that comes from community involvement and improvement. If you are looking for a change of career, a pest control business franchise may just the be the answer. Are you looking to purchase a franchise and begin a new career today? Getting started with Toodaloo Pest and Wildlife Control all begins with an application.

Pest Control Franchise
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The pest control industry might be seen as messy from the outside but owners and employees know that it is both a reliable and necessary service to have around. Even in an urban environment, there are plenty of pests such as bed bugs and cockroaches that plague homes and businesses. Without a dedicated team of specialists, whole neighbourhoods can be taken over. This persistent nature of pests and the unsanitary conditions that come along with them is what makes pest control a booming – and recession proof – industry. Far from just picking up snap traps and poisons, there is a lot more that goes into creating a successful pest control company. Instead of trying to break into this competitive industry all on their own, more and more Canadians are opting for franchise ownership. The majority of small business startups require a lot of seed money up front with a budget that continues to grow as the business does. This constant need for staffing, equipment and training can prevent businesses from being profitable – but not with a franchise! Aligning with an established franchise means access to tools, resources and established marketing strategies that independent businesses lack.

There is plenty of competition within the pest control industry. Obscure or relatively unknown companies are often passed-over in favour of recognizable brands and logos. Professional marketing campaigns can help bring companies into the spotlight but only results can keep them there. Plenty of pests are able to adapt to their environments, as well as poisons and other control methods. With this in mind, treatment methods are always evolving in order to keep up. All alone, it is difficult to keep up but as part of the Toodaloo team, partners are always ahead of the curve.

Resources to Run a Successful Pest Control Franchise

Knowledge is power, but so is experience! The only thing that you can expect from a pest infestation is the unexpected. No pest treatment is ever exactly the same, so it is important to be able to adapt. Instead of trying to figure out the drawbacks of certain property types or pest species, franchisee partners offer a network of peers and educational resources that can shine a light on the issue at hand. Experience can, of course, play a positive hand in exterminator franchise ownership but there is no prerequisite to joining an industry. In order to incorporate team members from all backgrounds and experience levels, the Toodaloo business model operates on a pyramid of training, technical support and branding.

Pest Control Franchise
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    Training: Whether you are a veteran of the pest control industry or brand new to the field, there is always something new to learn. The world of insects, rodents, and other pests is positively massive. Before setting foot in the field under the Toodaloo banner, both owners and employees go through a rigorous training program. These programs cover the basics of pest management, including how to treat certain pests, as well as how to use the tools to get the job done.

    Technical Support: is just a fancy name for the right tools for the job! The world of the pest control franchise is ever-evolving and so is their hardware. Throughout the past, removing sneaky infestations can involve more property damage than ever anticipated. Removing ants, for example, required tons of drilling into walls or flooring in order to track down satellite nests. In these cases, even if the problem is solved, there are tons of holes left behind in materials. Instead of sticking to invasive procedures, treatments have become more technologically advanced and approach these problem areas with imaging tools and injection rods. The proper tools and training provide expert results in the least invasive way possible and this makes clients happy.

    Branding: A business is only as good as its reputation and cultivating this takes time. Building a name for an independent business can take years but purchasing a franchise provides and automatic in. Instead of juggling a budget and scheduling a marketing campaign, leave it to the professionals. Purchasing ads or media spots can be costly as well as complicated without the right knowledge in the field. Just because you are a lawn and garden expert, does not mean that you are a media maven, so the Toodaloo team outsources the responsibility of their web presences to a professional media company. This allows time and focus to be directed in the right direction – toward your customers!

    If being your own boss is the goal and success is the name of the game, then it is time to make a call to Toodaloo. Toodaloo is not the only pest control franchise for sale, but there is no other company out there who is as dedicated to their team members and their success. Purchasing a franchise is a commitment to involvement in the Toodaloo community, dedicated to building the brand name and benefiting areas all across Canada through expert results and safe environments.