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It is the North American dream to work hard and become successful and, often times, this involves creating a business. Many Canadian residents would love the option to be their own boss but getting there is complicated – and risky. Instead of beginning from scratch, more and more Canadians are choosing property maintenance franchise opportunities as a set-up for success.

Property Maintenance Franchise
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Choosing to Purchase a Franchise Reduces Risk

There are several things necessary when creating a business. Local business comes in all shapes, sizes and service industries but they all have two things in common: proper creation and manageable growth. Without complete execution of both of these, start-ups have been known to implode on themselves. Both of these stages involve capital and planning. Most start-ups are forced to go long periods (even years!) without being profitable. Breaking even is the best-case scenario. This means that business owners are forced to accrue new debt or deplete savings accounts, just to keep their head above water. Choosing to purchase a franchise reduces risk and allows owners to hit the ground running with an established marketing strategy, training practices and access to advanced technology to maintain the best methods and results.

The main issues that Canadian employees have with their positions are 1) salary 2) work/life balance 3) scheduling; and most importantly: 4) self-fulfillment and workplace satisfaction. While these might be a deterrent from taking high-pressure jobs, these characteristics are encouraging to those considering franchise opportunities.

The Advantages of Buying a Property Maintenance Franchise

Salary: In an industry like property maintenance, the amount of money that comes in is a direct reflection of how much work is taken in. By scheduling more client appointments, owners can create higher revenue for the business itself and its employees.

Work/Life Balance: Many members of the Canadian workforce have difficulty finding balance between the responsibility of the home and of the office. This imbalance creates stress and causes havoc on necessities such as leisure time and even sleep cycles. Even when in a higher-level position, franchise partners have the ability to separate work and home life.

Scheduling: The ability to control schedules allows franchise owners to make life simpler for themselves and their staff. Shift work can be stressful for some while others thrive in that setting. Freedom and flexibility allows owners to create a plan that accommodates preferences as well as shifting availabilities.

Satisfaction: Property maintenance and window cleaning is an industry that allows members to get their hands dirty! Working outdoors is a major selling feature for franchisee partners, as well as staff members. In addition to spending time being active in the fresh air, staff members take pride in improving the look and condition of their communities.

Franchise ownership is not a magical cure-all for emotional ailments of the workplace, but it means a lot of knowledge and technical training. One of the greatest perks of a partnership is the resources that come along with it. Having experience in an industry makes it easier to become involved but with the right training makes the property maintenance industry very inclusive. The exterior areas of home and businesses do not come without complications, but the expert staff and trainers are available to help conquer it all. As problem areas begin to pile up, treatment methods are constantly evolving. In order to set services apart, it is important to keep ahead of the competition by keeping a finger on the pulse and having access to top of the line tools, practices and trends.

Property Maintenance Franchise
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    Marketing Your Property Maintenance Services

    The right equipment is necessary for a successful maintenance firm, but this goes far beyond just vacuums and squeegees. Marketing can make all the difference to the outcome of a business. Understanding what type of marketing gets the most “bang for buck” can be a long process of trial and error or can mean spending money on outside consultations. Instead of wasting cash on an ineffective technique, established businesses have already created a plan that works. When you choose to become a franchise partner, media and advertising is already cultivated and included in costs. Forget slaving away in front of a computer screen learning the ins and outs of website creation, but opt for service-based training instead.

    More than a Window Cleaning Franchise

    When choosing to become part of the Gorilla team, your home maintenance franchise has many branches to lean out on. A partnership with Gorilla property maintenance means that you become the proud owner of a graffiti removal franchise, a window cleaning franchise, a roof cleaning franchise and a snow removal franchise. While this might sound like a lot of work, a proper business structure and planning keeps things running smoothly. Access to all the best tools and resources for creating a scheduling and staffing plan makes all the difference to balancing those simple and not so simple tasks. There are far different preparations needed for a service like gutter cleaning than there is in dryer vent cleaning.

    Be Your Own Boss – With Support

    There is nothing more satisfying than a job well-done and that is the name of the game with our Gorillas. Independent practices are great when they work but these come along with a large amount of risk and very little reward for the first several years.

    When choosing to purchase a franchise, there are, of course, upfront costs but there are security nets that come along with them. An extended network of both technical resources as well as peers to lean on and learn from means that there is no grey area left in your work day. When you are ready to hit the ground running while being your own boss, look no further than a partnership with Gorilla Property Services.